• APTA Center for Integrity in Practice
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    The APTA Center for Integrity in Practice is a product of the American Physical Therapy Association's Integrity in Practice Campaign. It is designed specifically for physical therapists (PTs), physical therapist assistants (PTAs), educators, students of physical therapy, and leaders to better understand fraud, abuse, and waste in health care and the impact they have on the profession of physical therapy, on individual PTs, and on their freedom to practice.

    The goals of this center are to help PTs and PTAs identify and understand the risks and possible pitfalls associated with fraud, abuse, and waste. The site will provide specific solutions and resources to reduce those risks and improve care, and to navigate the complex regulatory and payment environment while promoting value and quality in care.

    Quick Facts

    - Losses to the health care system due to fraud, abuse, and waste: $765 billion/year

    - Percentage of improper payments by cause: 51% medically unnecessary; 26% no/insufficient documentation; 21% incorrect coding; 1% other

    - Number of Medicare enrollments revoked due to violations: 12,447

    - APTA's PTNow.org provides full-text access to 300+ clinical practice guidelines and 300+ Cochrane systematic reviews to improve access to evidence.