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    APTA is among the more than 50 medical specialty societies to join the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation's Choosing Wisely® Campaign in creating lists of "Things Providers and Patients Should Question." These lists include evidence-based recommendations that patients and providers should discuss to help make wise decisions about the most appropriate care for that patient.

    In reviewing the list, it is important to note:

    • APTA's Choosing Wisely recommendations are designed to educate consumers about health care procedures that tend to be done frequently but whose usefulness in some scenarios has been called into question by evidence.
    • The list is designed to spark thoughtful conversations between patients and their caregivers about the best, most effective care; it is not intended to prohibit any particular treatment in all scenarios or to dictate care decisions.
    • As always, decisions about care should be made based upon the best available evidence, the clinical judgment of the physical therapist, and the preferences and goals of the patient.

    5 Things PTs and Patients Should Question

    How Was APTA's List Developed?

    This high-profile effort aims to educate consumers on health care procedures that tend to be done frequently, yet whose usefulness is called into question by evidence. APTA's work to create a physical therapy-related list began with a call for suggestions from members. A member expert panel reviewed over 170 suggestions and narrowed the list down to 9 possible choices. Based on its choices, an extensive literature review showing generally-accepted evidence that the usefulness and efficacy of these tests or procedures have been called into question, or could cause harm to patients. Members were surveyed and asked to select the top 5 questioned procedures and the APTA Board of Directors approved the list in June 2014. APTA submitted its final list to the ABIM Foundation for final approval and released the list September 15, 2014. The list was updated November 18, 2015.

    More About the Choosing Wisely® Campaign

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